Top 5 Cheap Fixed Gear Wheelsets For Your Fixie

Top 5 Cheap Fixed Gear Wheelsets For Your Fixie

STARS Deep 70mm Fixed Gear Wheelset



70mm deep V wheelset

These are probably the deepest V’s in town. With profile of 70mm deep this wheelset looks really cool.

Quando hubs on both wheels and the rear wheel is a flip-flop with 2 cogs: 16T fixed gear and the 16T freewheel already installed.

If you do not like the decals you can easily remove them from the wheel by simply peeling them off.

This wheelset is not cheap (over 200$) but the quality is great and the wheelset weight less than 10 pounds which is great for any bike enthusiast. Unfortunately the wheels come without tubes or tires.




This wheelset can be purchased for $268 on Amazon (free shipping).


What kind of wheels are you using on your fixie? Comment below!

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