Top 5 Cheap Fixed Gear Wheelsets For Your Fixie

Top 5 Cheap Fixed Gear Wheelsets For Your Fixie


Pure Fix Cycles 50mm Wheelset



Gold Fixed Gear Wheelset


These 50mm deep wheels from Pure Fix are available in a variety of different colors including this beautiful gold. This wheelset will be a great match to white and/or black frames. The rear wheel has a flip-flop hub with a fixed 16T cog on one side and a freewheel 16T cog on the other side. By simply flipping the wheel to the other side you can convert your fixed gear to a freewheel bike.

Pure Fix wheels come without tires or tubes (tubes are usually $5-$8 each and tires are $20-$30 each).

I should also mention that these rims are not machined to have a brake. If you are planning to use brakes on your bike, they will leave black marks on the wheels.



This wheelset can be purchased for about 125$ from Amazon (free shipping).



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