Top 5 Cheap Fixed Gear Wheelsets For Your Fixie

Top 5 Cheap Fixed Gear Wheelsets For Your Fixie

So you have decided to build a fixie. Fixed gear bicycles are fun to ride and once you get used to them it’s really hard to go back to conventional bikes. Wheel set is that makes a fixed gear bicycle. The lack of freewheel mechanism is what makes a fixie. Some people convert their wheels by changing hubs, some even build custom wheelsets but these options aren’t cheap.

When I converted my first road bike into a fixie I opted for a cheap fixed gear wheel set I found online. For less than $200 you can have both wheels (front and back), tubes and tires. Now I must admit that cheap wheels aren’t of great quality, however, I’ve had my cheep wheel set for over 2 years and the wheels didn’t break or cause any issues. The point is, if you are on a tight budget or just want to try out fixie riding – you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on wheels.

After watching a countless number of Youtube videos I decided to go with a flashy green deep-V wheels. I turned an old road bike into a fixed gear, enjoyed it for a while and finally sold it.

Norco Fixed Gear

Then I had another road bike converted into a fixie, this time with blue wheelset. If I’m going to do more biking I will probably upgrade to better quality wheels and at this point I am done with flashy so I’ll probably be getting black deep-V fixed gear wheelset.

Fixed Gear Wheels


Here are some decent quality fixed gear wheels that you could get today without braking the bank.

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Cheap Fixed Gear Wheelsets!


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